Photos by Kaylyn Messer

I feel fortunate that I’ve been able to travel to some pretty remote parts of the world with either my camera or notebook in tow.  Rather than let my photos sit archived on my computer and my sketches deteriorate on my bookshelf, I thought I’d like to share them with all of you fine people. I also own a small graphic design and media business called Nunatak Design.  You might see a few of my projects from there creep onto this blog as well.

A bit more about me:

Folks call me Andis.  I grew up in the hills of southern Indiana. Then I moved to northern Wisconsin where I received a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Northland College.  Since 2007, I’ve been a senior guide taking folks out on wilderness sea kayak expeditions for Spirit Walker Expeditions in Gustavus, Alaska. In 2010, I moved to Sitka, Alaska to work for the Sitka Conservation Society, managing the Community Wilderness Stewardship Project. Recently, I moved to Missoula, Montana for my Master in Environmental Studies from the University of Montana.

Feel free to contact me.